3 Reasons Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Must

carpet cleaning

A carpet is one of the most popular adornments that graces any home but like many other products, it requires maintenance. Carpets bought by households within the last twelve months amounted to 49.62 million. This highlights the importance attached to carpets by many homeowners.

However, as attractive as carpets are, keeping the color, texture, and fresh smell can be difficult. The combination of children, pets, and foot traffic adds to the wear and tear. To maintain its good looks and even restore it, professional carpet cleaning is typically required.

Here are three good reasons you need professional carpet cleaning services in South Jordan:

Terminates activities of allergens and bacteria

Allergies rank as the fifth chronic disease in the United States. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation has stated that as many as 50 million Americans are suffering from allergies. The most common culprits of this condition are molds, dust mites, and insect bites, and carpets have been found to be their favorite habitat. To deal with them effectively and protect your kids and pets, you must let the professionals do the cleaning.

Protects indoor air quality

As far as environmental health risks go, air pollution ranks among the top five according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mold and mildew can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and even stimulate the production of mycotoxins.

Extends the service life of the carpet

While low-end carpets have an average service life of about three years, the more expensive types typically last far longer if proper cleaning is done regularly. If a carpet doesn’t receive proper care, its service life is likely to be reduced by half.

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There is no gainsaying the importance of professional carpet cleaning services, especially when kids and pets are involved. Be sure to hire only a licensed contractor to ensure the quality of work and the results you are looking for.