3 Times You Need to Inspect for Pest Infestation

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At any point, your home could be the new residence of pests without you knowing about it. Waiting too long for a house inspection means your house will already see a lot of damage. It’s even worse when you start to notice signs of damage and ignore them.

If you don’t want pests to drive you homeless and bankrupt, inspect for signs during these times of the year:

When You First Move In

No matter what the previous owner said, you can never be sure that there are no roach eggs hidden in cupboards. Yes Pest Pros, Inc. and other experts noted that it’s better to have preventive pest management services, so the infestation is stopped before it even happens. Indiana is home to several types of pests that might not seem harmful, but don’t wait until they cause major damage before you act.

When Summer Sets In

Some pests are seasonal, especially when you have a thriving backyard that gives them easy access to food. These pests don’t mind the summer heat, and you’ll know of their presence because of the yellowing leaves on your plants and the holes you see on their surface. It only takes one plant to get a disease from garden pests to contaminate the entire garden.

When Winter Sets In

When the temperature drops, pests who need warmth will want to move indoors — into your home. Rodents are suddenly your main concern, especially because they can gnaw on anything. Give them an improperly sealed bag of chips and they will make quick work of it. Give them cardboard and they will chew on that, too. They literally never stop gnawing, so the longer they remain inside your home undetected, the more damage they will cause.

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It’s not enough that you inspect the house once for pest problems. You can have the problem anytime, but especially during these three times, so keep checking.