4 Things Furnace Repair Experts Want You to Ensure Before You Call Them

a man fixing gas furnace

During the winter, your furnace works overtime to keep you and your family warm and comfortable. Of course, calling in a furnace repair specialist in Salt Lake City when you hear odd noises or notice a foul smell coming from the system is the best way to ensure your furnace doesn’t die on you. But, before panicking and calling in a technician, confirm the following things first.

That the thermostat is in the right settings

Does your furnace seem to be not working? Check whether you set the thermostat to “heat.” Failing to do so could make you think that you are in need of furnace repair when all you really need to do is flip the switch.

That the air filter is in good condition

Experts recommend that you change the air filter at least once every three months to keep the system running efficiently for a long time. Clogged or dirty air filters will affect the unit’s performance, not to mention provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. That may be the reason for the foul smell coming from your unit.

That the circuit breaker is in the right mode

The circuit breaker controls your furnace’s functioning. It should always be in the “on” mode. If the breaker has moved to the middle position, you need to turn it off first before turning it on again.

That the furnace switch is at “up” or “on”

If you’re like most homeowners, you seldom check your furnace switch. It’s possible to miss it every once in a while, and this could make you mistakenly think something is wrong with the unit. Flip it to the up or on mode, and then give the furnace some time to start working.

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Getting to know your furnace well can save you a lot of anxiety when it seems to malfunction. However, when you are sure that everything is in the right place but there’s still a problem, calling an expert is the best way to move forward.