Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant

Happy family near the fireplace

Not everyone can afford luxury living, but one can turn an ordinary-looking home into an elegant space. Make your home look expensive without breaking the bank with the following design tips.

Decorate with fresh flowers

Add life and color inside your home by decorating the place with fresh flowers. Keep them simple yet attractive by picking a tall variety with deep hues. Don’t go over-the-top by adding flowers in every corner. A striking centerpiece is enough to create a mood.

Add a fireplace

According to a company that provides custom fireplaces in Salt Lake City, installing a fireplace doesn’t only increase home value but reduces energy costs as well. Invest in a brick or limestone fireplace that can fulfill your home’s heating requirements.

Hang large scale art

You don’t need a Picasso to make a living room look expensive; massive abstract paintings will do. Purchase artwork that will complement your furniture and the color of the room. Place them above the sofa to instantly grab attention.

Invest in antique textiles

Antique doesn’t mean expensive; you can score affordable vintage textiles in community markets and pop-up bazaars. Invest in a patterned rug that can create visual intrigue on the floor or decorative throw pillow cases that represent your personality and space.

Add a decorative mirror

Decorative mirrors aren’t for vanity purposes as they primarily serve as sophisticated ornaments that can attract light and maximize a compressed space. Choose one that is of the right size and looks great with your walls.

Make your home smell nice

A fresh, clean smell instantly relieves stress and invites guests to come in. Put away smelly stuff like ashtrays and shoes and invest in a quality air freshener. You can also create a mood by lighting up some aromatherapy candles at night.

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There are many affordable ways to increase the appeal of your property. Be creative and think about your style to create a home design that’s truly elegant and personalized.