After the Flood: Why Cleaning Isn’t Enough

Flood Inside the House

The time after a flood subsides can be very stressful. You wonder if you can bring back your home’s appearance to what it was before. Many homeowners try to clean their home on their own. Professionals like AAA Restoration say that some residents fail to realize the importance of performing a thorough cleanup in all areas affected by the flood. Many reasons make hiring professional service providers of flood cleanup in Utah ideal. Here are some of them.

Dealing with Pesticides and Fertilizers

When cleaning your home after a flood, it is important to pay close attention to all details. This is true whether you intend to clean the whole house or only the flooded basement. Ground water that came into your home may bring in other substances, and not only water. These may include different contaminants like pesticides and fertilizers that can pose a lot of health hazards. Even after getting rid of the water, the chemicals may remain in your carpets, floor, and walls. Only an extensive cleanup of your home can get rid of these toxic substances.

Dealing with Sewage Backup

Aside from ground water with toxic chemicals, sewage backup may also happen during a flood. When it occurs, feces and other fecal matter may combine with the flood water, and enter your home. This can result in serious health concerns, not to mention that the idea is quite unsettling.

Cleaning the Area Several Times

The idea is to scrub and clean the affected areas at least two times. Make sure to dry the room or area well before doing another round of cleaning and scrubbing. A round of extensive cleaning is difficult as it is. It is highly recommended to let an experienced company that specializes in flood cleanup in Utah do it.

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Flood cleanup specialists have the skills and experience to determine the types of contaminants that have entered your home. They also know the best methods to solve the problem.