Considering DIY Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s a Quick Guide to RTA Cabinets

Minimalistic kitchen cabinets

Ready-to-assemble or RTA cabinets are a popular option for homeowners looking to save on kitchen remodeling. Manufacturers ship these cabinets to your doorstep in a flat pack that includes all the parts and hardware you may need for assembly.  Expect the parts to be in the size you requested. Holes are drilled where necessary, and any finishes you specified would have been applied.

As you do the assembling yourself, you get to cut your kitchen-remodeling budget. Adding that to the fact that sellers deliver the cabinets to your home, going for RTA cabinets also saves you time and effort.

Here are some other things to consider if you’re looking to purchase and install RTA cabinets:


Since you’re going to buy cabinets online, you can’t vet the quality of the product as much as you want to. Luckily, you may purchase cabinets online that are as durable and attractive as those you find in physical showrooms. Many reputable stores offer quality furniture for kitchens and dining areas.

Newly installed kitchen cabinetsWhen looking for a store to buy your cabinets, check the reviews online or on their website. Choosing stores that offer free shipping also lets you save cash.


Many factors affect the cost of RTA cabinets, including the material and finish, as well as the degree or complexity of completion or assembly. Homeowners looking for low-priced options may go for white melamine-coated particleboard RTA cabinet boxes that you can paint yourself. If you’re looking for more sophisticated cabinets, you may go for veneered plywood, hardwood, and solid wood, among others. Cabinets with angles or those with unique shapes tend to cost more.  Accessories like crown molding add to the cost, as well.

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Before you add those RTA kitchen cabinets to your cart and check out, know that assembling and installing cabinetry may not be as simple as building a bed or a shelf. While most products need nothing more than screws, glue, wood dowels, and a clear guide – which all come with the cabinets – some may require more technical savvy or advanced DIY skills. To gauge your ability to complete the installation without a hitch, consult with your supplier.