Here’s How You Can Successfully Pull Off a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen RenovationPrior to even starting to plan your new kitchen, you have to first decide if you want to redo everything or just make some updates. Look at the stuff you already have in your kitchen, decide which ones you still like and don’t. If the layout of your kitchen still works, then consider keeping it.

Here are some things to consider when renovating your kitchen:

Advance Planning

Put function above all else and know that there’s really no ideal kitchen shape; your have to select one that’s perfect for your needs, hence, pan in advance. But, regardless of the shape you go for, L-shaped, U-shaped, or galley, your countertops or benchtops, fridge, and sink should ideally form a triangle, with about six feet between them for easy movement in the kitchen.

You Can Never have Too Much Storage

Maximise every space you can — overhead cabinets up to your kitchen ceiling, deeper drawers for pans and pots, as well as dedicated storage for appliances that would otherwise eat up counter space.

Light it Right

Never place lights behind work surfaces — always in front — to avoid casting shadows while working. Consider lights under cabinets so you’ll have direct, ample lighting while working on the benchtop.

Surfaces and Spaces

Just as it is with storage, you can never have too much benchtop or counter space. Select one that’s easily maintained cared for, such that if you don’t like the maintenance that comes with grout tiles, Prestige Bench Top Limited suggests considering stone benchtops.

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Planning with Kids in Mind

Regardless if you have kids or not, make sure your kitchen is a safe place for people of all ages. Consider rounded benchtops, ovens placed at a higher height to avoid accidents, as well as slip-resistant flooring among others.

Ample Ventilation

Consider investing in a range hood if you don’t already have one, outfit your kitchen with fans, or perhaps adding more windows.

The Kitchen Floor

When choosing new floors, consider the material’s durability, porosity, maintenance requirements, and slip resistance.

Don’t Forget Power

Make sure there are appropriate and strategically placed electrical outlets for your appliances.

Done right, you won’t have to spend lots of money to redo your kitchen — you also won’t have to renovate your kitchen, again, for a long time.