Homeowners Advised to Lock Garages, as Burglars Become More Creative

Man fixing his garage door to avoid burglars

Authorities in Indianapolis and Oviedo, Fla., have warned residents to check any damages on garage doors, which can be an entry point for thieves. This tip not only applies to residential areas, as businesses should also make sure that their storage facilities remain secure.

If you are involved in the business of storing valuables, take not that burglaries can also happen in other states. Hence, regular commercial garage door repair in Utah, provided by firms such as Expert Garage Doors, will be necessary.

Indy Burglary

Burglars in Indianapolis’ northeastern area, particularly in Martindale-Brightwood and Fall Creek neighborhoods, found a way to enter homes: poking holes in garage doors. One resident discovered several appliances missing as a result.

While some of the possessions include valuable objects such as a washer and lawn mower, other items carried a sentimental value that was harder to replace, according to a report.

A Martindale-Brightwood couple also found holes in their garage door. Some residents managed to prevent burglaries from taking place thanks to the Next door mobile app, prompting them to improve security around their residence.

Same in Florida

In Oviedo, thieves have also used the same strategy to break into houses and steal valuable items. A local news team collaborated with the Oviedo Police Department to find out how if a universal remote for garage doors can unlock any from the neighborhood.

The test showed good results as it failed to open doors, which attributes to advancements in garage door technology. However, residents should not be too confident. Police advised residents to lock the door between their homes and garages.

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They also advised homeowners to refrain from leaving their garage doors open for a long time.


Whether you use garage doors for residential or commercial purposes, it is best to conduct routine checks for any damages and contact service providers for repairs to protect the safety of your property.