Indoor Flooding: Bringing More than Just Property Destruction

beautiful home after indoor flooding

Indoor flooding to homes in Canada, whether caused by natural disasters, such as inclement weather, or faulty appliances or plumbing, such as a broken washing machine hose or burst pipes, can bring significant damage. But that’s not the only thing you need to worry about; your house can also become the breeding ground for molds.

Molds, simple as they are, aren’t just unsightly; they’re also potentially health hazardous. This is a good enough reason never to delay appropriate fixes when dealing with indoor flood. High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration suggests working with water damage professionals as soon as possible, as even just a few hours of letting water sit can already result in serious property damage.

Molds, their growth, and their health impact

Preventing the growth and spread of molds starts with controlling dampness at home. It’s essential to keep moisture levels to a minimum, since this contributes greatly to the overall quality of indoor air. When there’s mold, there are spores that mix into the air you and your family breathe in, which can then lead to certain symptoms, particularly those affecting the respiratory functions of the body.

The very little nourishment these microorganisms need to start spreading

Molds are everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This means that you can find them growing on any organic surface; requiring very little nourishment to survive and thrive. They only need organic matter to get nutrients from, and so when combined with warmth and moisture, they can already start producing spores to multiply and spread very quickly.

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Molds can spread in as little as overnight, so allowing your flooded home to go untreated can lead to you waking up to a nasty surprise. Again, these microorganisms are not just extremely unattractive; exposure to them can compromise your entire family’s health. So, as soon as you can, enlist the services of water damage experts to mitigate such risks.