Is Your Ventilation System Right for Your Home?

air duct in ceiling

Ventilation systems are classified into two categories: exhaust vents and intake vents. Within these categories are many options of each type to suit the requirements of every home.

Each vent type exists to serve a particular purpose. You will need vent cleaning services in Indiana for them to work efficiently and effectively. That said, this article explores the various types of vents that you should consider for your home.

Fixed Ventilation

This comprises of units that do not need power assistance or moving parts for them to function. However, that does not mean that they are a low-tech alternative, in fact, the opposite is true. It forms the basis of attic ventilation systems in place today, right from the simplest forms to the most sophisticated. As such, when designing your home for the first time, you should capitalize on ensuring that your ventilation system uses fixed vents only.

Intake Vents

These are available in plenty of styles and designs. For you to purchase a unit that will suit a particular job, you need to consider various factors. These include the location of the vent, the structure of your home, and the free space for each unit. The most popular types of intake vents include continuous soffit vents, vented drip edge vents, edge vents, and mini-louvers vents.

Exhaust Vents

These allow the unobstructed and efficient outflow of air in your attic. But these vents need to be made in a way that it will minimize or prevent snow and rain from entering your home.

There are two major types of exhaust vents: gable louvers and roof louvers. Your architect or HVAC repair company can give you advice on which one suits your home.

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When it comes to sufficient attic ventilation, homeowners may not know what suits their home. As such, consult with your home builder as well as a home construction professional for a well-ventilated home.