Maximizing Space Through Container Gardening

Succulent plants on pots

Gardens can offer you an area of calm and peace. You may not have space for a sprawling garden, or perhaps you don’t have the patience to learn master gardening skills, but you can always start small. You only need a container pot or a planter, some good quality soil, some buds, and you can already start container gardening. Here are a few container gardening ideas to get you started.

1. Grow daffodils in terracotta planters.

If you want to get the maximum bloom from just a few dozen bulbs of daffodils, moving them to and from several terracotta planters will do the trick. It is easy to move the terracotta planters from one location to another so you can always lend color in any area of your home, be it the front door, the porch, or the patio.

2. Plant collard greens in containers.

If you want something that speaks of simplicity, you can always plant collard greens. Collard greens, cousin to kale and cabbage, can thrive in the cooler weather of autumn and early spring. It is an ideal plant for container gardening because it is versatile and works well in a variety of container types and sizes. You may want to try planting them in a galvanized metal tub for a striking contrast.

3. Set striking succulents

Container gardens are perfect to highlight the unique shapes and form of a variety of succulents. You can try to set agave or other kinds of succulents in individual containers to underscore their uniqueness.

You don’t need a hectare of space to grow a garden of your own. With smart ways of using the available space, you can always grow beautiful things using these three container gardening ideas.

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