Practical Solutions to Thawing Frozen Pipes

Freeze-Damaged PipeIf you turn on your faucet in the middle of a freezing winter and nothing comes out, then you are likely to have a frozen pipes issue. The first thing you should do is find out whether the pipes have ruptured or not. If they did, call for emergency plumbing services immediately and do not try to do anything on your own.

If the pipes have not busted, All Hours Plumbing and HVAC notes that you can use the following options to unfreeze the pipes before the plumber arrives:

Use Hot Towels

Soak towels in boiling water and use wrap them around the frozen pipe. This will help in warming up the inside of the pipe to prevent rupture. Keep doing this until you notice that the pipe is completely thawed and water runs smoothly again.

Use a Hair Dryer

To use this method, you must have an electrical socket near the frozen pipe. Plug in your hair dryer and set it up to the maximum setting, and blow the dryer along the pipe. In case you do not have a dryer, a portable heater or a heat lamp will serve the same purpose. In addition, if the pipe is close to the wall, you can achieve faster thawing by placing a cookie sheet that reflects on the pipe.

Use an Electric Heat Tape

Even though effective and used the same way as a hair dryer, an electric tape should be handled with care because it can cause electrical shocks. Ensure that the heat tape is well plugged into a well-grounded electrical outletand that your pipes are properly insulated.

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As you wait for your plumber to come and deal with your frozen pipes in Utah, note that you should never use a blowtorch. Reason being, it can cause the water inside to boil and cause the pipe to burst. Additionally, you should not use open flames as you put your house at risk of fire.