Preventing Injuries at Home Starts with Knowing Their Causes

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Keeping your home safe, secure, and healthy is one of your key priorities as a homeowner and more importantly, as a parent. While accidents can still happen, many of these unwanted incidents can actually be prevented. Keep in mind that unintentional injuries can be severe that they result in around 28.1 million emergency department visits every year, and that many of them happen at home.

You have to minimize such risks as much as possible to make sure nobody in the household has to go through these scary experiences. To help you achieve this goal, you need to educate yourself and everyone about what causes them in the first place:

Slipping and tripping leading to falls

In the U.S., falls that result from slipping and tripping are the most common causes of injury — both fatal and non-fatal. Every year, falls result in more than eight million visits to the emergency room, making it the most common reason for emergency department visits.

While older adults are at greater risk of such accidents, anyone who walks on damp or wet floors can experience it. Some of the other reasons include missing a stair or ladder step (or using a malfunctioning ladder) and losing one’s balance after stepping on or bumping into items.

Poisoning, particularly caused by carbon monoxide

Another huge contributor to the number of injury-causing incidents in the country is the deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, it’s the primary cause of accidental poisoning amongst children. As this gas is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, it can be easy to overlook. Know that faulty furnaces account for nearly a fifth of all accidental CO poisoning at home.

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This said, it’s vital that you have a professional Indiana furnace service inspect and assess your equipment regularly. This way, you can ensure its optimal functioning, and at the same time, keep everyone at home comfortable throughout the chilly and cold season.