Teach Your Dog How to Swim and Love Water

Dogs swimming

Pool expert Dolphin Pools & Spas states that a pool contractor can construct a great addition to your Salt Lake City home in the form of a pool. When you have children, they will surely love it. Friends and family can also enjoy it during social gatherings at your house.

Do you know who else will love a pool? A pet dog can have all sorts of fun in the pool water!

Train It Gradually

Not all dogs like water, however, but no matter what breed your dog is, you can train it to swim and love the water. The key lies in the word “gradual.” You have to treat your dog with patience, care, and gentleness if you want it to overcome its fears.

Outside Pool Training

In some cases, dogs will be terrified of any amount of water, even outside the pool. To ease your dog into it, you can first lay a bowl of water next to it. Offer praise when your dog stays calm. Whenever you receive the desired reaction as you escalate the exercises, offer praise.

Next, dip your fingers in water and let your dog sniff your hand until you can rub your dog’s fur with your wet hand.

Inside Pool Training

Now, once your dog seems to be ready for the pool, you can begin to introduce it to the pool. For safety, have your dog wear a flotation device and accompany it at all times. You can now begin in a shallow area of your pool. Stay in the shallow area until your dog gets used to having wet feet.

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Deep Water Training

Afterwards, you can coax your dog into deeper water with treats. Offer praise when it finally wades into deep water. Support your dog under its belly so that your dog will have space to paddle its four legs. Once your dog can stay afloat on its own, you can slowly let go.

Again, the key to teaching your dog how to swim and love water lies in gradual training. Simply be patient, and your dog will soon learn.