The Don’ts of Remodeling Your Property

Property Remodeling in LaytonJust about every homeowner who cares at all about their property will face a time when they have to decide which room to remodel first. It’s no longer a question of whether you should; it’s a question of which to do first and when.

Some homeowners are fortunate enough to know their way around a construction site; it’s common to witness someone in your neighborhood DIY-ing a small remodeling project. But even those who are pretty good with their hands have limitations. Here are some reminders on what not to do if you’re thinking about a remodel.

Don’t Assume a Project is Easy

Any project is challenging and takes time — just how challenging and how much time is needed depends on the skill of the person or persons working on it. It also has a lot to do with what part of the house you’re working on. A bathroom remodel in Layton, for instance, is significantly more challenging than rebuilding a tiny shed in the back. Always be realistic with your skills and expectations. Call a professional contractor if you have any doubts at all about your ability to do a project.

Don’t Assume your Cost Estimate is Spot-on

For any project, allow at least 15% of the quoted price for contingency. It’s just the nature of construction to cost more than originally anticipated. You don’t want your project to stop midway because you thought a dollar meant a dollar. It could mean a lot more.

Don’t Think All Remodels or Home Additions Add Value

Before you start a project, ask yourself if you care about its effect on the value of your property. If you don’t, think again until you’re truly sure that you don’t. Those who have no plans at all of letting go of their property may be surer about this. If you think you’ll sell it eventually, however, then consider the effect of the project. Can you at least recoup 80% of the cost of the project when you sell? There are some parts of any house that have a better chance of raising its value, such as the kitchen or the bathroom — unless you aim to make a modern kitchen in an 1800s classic which will make it out of place. To be more certain, call your realtor and ask them what they think.

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Remodeling can either be satisfying or guilt-inducing. Make sure it’s the former before you touch any part of your home.