The March of Barn Doors Into Modern Design

Barn Door

Barn DoorWhen you forget to shut the door, you might find yourself on the receiving end of this question: “Were you raised in a barn?”

With modern design, however, there’s no need to belittle these traditional barn doors. These doors are leaving farms and showing up in urban spaces. Even designers consider barn doors as the perfect companion for doorways with wide openings and cramped spaces.

Sliding Into a Rural Trend

Whether it’s the regular or the personalized type of barn door, these are definitely in demand in home renovations. From hidden home offices to trendy bathrooms, these doors are the perfect stylish solutions that give homes glamor and character.

The trend stems from the door’s versatility; there are plenty of ways to introduce them into a space. The finish of barn doors makes it easier for designers to take them from the farm to an urban area — but the actual doors are just part of the magic.

Space Saver, Lifesaver

If you love space, barn doors are perfect for your home. One of their biggest advantages for homes, healthcare facilities, and corporate offices is that these are major space savers. Most doors require a wide berth to swing open all the way, which makes an empty space necessary. The excess space is handy for storage cabinets, desks, or even medical equipment.

With barn doors, as long as you have enough wall space, no need to worry about less floor space. It’s an important consideration, especially when you can save much. Making the most of every square foot relieves your wallet from unnecessary expenditures.

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Easy Installation

Both homeowners and architects also love barn doors because these are easy to install. Traditional doors require complicated construction; barn doors, on the other hand, only need secure assembly. All you have to do is install onto a mounting board and anchor it to the wall.

Whether it’s updating offices or giving your home a new look, you can never go wrong with using barn doors in your current design.