The Most Popular Swimming Pool Trends in 2017

Backyard Swimming PoolThe hottest time of the year is here. For many of us, nothing beats the scorching weather like taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool. While it’s more of a luxury than a necessity, pools do have a lot to offer. Just ask a pool contractor. Utah and other states have lots of them, all of whom should know the best pool design trends. To know some of them yourself, here are three of the hottest pool designs of the year.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools work best in high areas that overlook a scenic view. This design is common in hotels and resorts. Imagine taking a dip in a pool where you can see the infinities of the sky and the sea at once. That’s way more refreshing than the sight of fences, right?

Environment-friendly Pools

The dangerous effects of global warming are felt now more than ever. More people are coming up with ways to integrate green technology into products and services to delay or somehow reverse these harmful effects. This cause is the reason why environment-friendly pools are one of the most popular designs today. These pools make use of eco-friendly materials and avoid dangerous chemicals as much as possible. Other than its environmental benefits, natural pools are also a lot cheaper to maintain than traditional pools.

Darker Shades of Blue

Nowadays, people are more adventurous when it comes to pool designs. Sticking to light shades of blue is so last decade. What’s in right now in pool surface colors are darker shades of blue. These provide a deeper and more calming vibe as compared to light colors.

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A swimming pool is one of the most useful home investments you can make. You can use it during summer to beat the heat and throughout the year to stay in shape and reduce stress. Do all these in style in a pool with a trendy design.