The Must-have Design Elements in Your Home Garden

Outdoor garden

There are many design elements you can incorporate into your garden if you have all the space and money in the world. More often, however, you need to work with the backyard space you’ve got. As you don’t have endless space and expanding is not always an option, you’ll want to choose which elements to feature.

Here are three that you must not forget about:


When you’re designing a garden, you want to have a specific look, style, or theme in mind. The theme determines what kinds of pots and flowers you get. For example, if you’re looking for an elegant and rustic style, Authentic Provence recommends antique planters and crawling plants to be featured in your garden. If you’re looking for something a little more out of this world, perhaps an Alice in Wonderland-themed garden will do. You’ll want to choose eccentric pieces, preferably in bold colors, with this one.


This means the colors of the planters you get, as well as the colors of flowers in your garden. A single plant can give you several options, so you can decide to grow one kind in one part of the garden. You can also go all out with the flowering plants you find in your area for a garden that is worthy of a magazine spread.


Light is an important design element; it’s also necessary for some areas of the garden. For instance, you’ll want to light up the pathway so that people won’t get confused when walking at night. Trees and other areas that may cast a shadow also need lighting to avoid unnecessary accidents. While you’re at it, choose lighting options that add to the aesthetic of the garden, like fairy lights, for beautiful pictures at night.

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Your garden is not just a place to fill with flowers. It’s also something that you should be happy to see every day, so design it wisely.