Utah Ski Resorts Enjoy a Busy 2016-2017 Season

Municipal urban servicing workers shoveling snowA huge amount of snowfall in Utah helped ski resorts attract more than 4.5 million skier days during the 2016-2017 season.

The number of people that went to the state’s 14 resorts in the recent period rose by 2.9% compared to more than 4.4 million skiers in the previous season. A skier day represents each person’s purchase of a daily lift ticket or use of a season’s pass.

A Thriving Industry

Authorities said that the increase in skier days supported the continually growing winter sports industry. But they acknowledged that the late occurrence of winter affected the number of visitors who have been planning to spend the previous Thanksgiving weekend at the resorts.

During the season, the heaviest snowfall took place in Brighton Resort with 632 inches of snow. At the Snowbasin Resort above Ogden, there were 443 inches of snow compared to its season average of 300 inches.

According to the Tourism Office, these helped the state’s tourism industry in generating $8.2 billion in annual spending and $1.15 billion in tax revenues.

Snow Solution

Whipple Service Champions agrees that snow may be a great way to attract tourists, but many residents are experiencing extremely cold temperatures at home. This is why keeping your heating system in good condition is important. If you notice anything strange with your system, call for water heater repair service in Salt Lake City immediately.

The growth of skiers in Utah has signaled a booming winter sports industry, although the increase could have been better. Still, it indicated that businesses might have more room for further growth. The extreme cold should not be a problem, as long as there is sufficient amount of heat provided by heating systems and water heaters inside every property.

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