What Difference Does a Carport Make?

Carport on a sunny day

When you need a shelter for your vehicle, you actually have one other option besides a garage – you can have a carport at home. You might be wondering what the difference is or asking whether a carport is a better option.

Read on to find the answer:

Open Shelter

A carport can be a suspended or supported roof that can either be connected to or separate from your house. Unlike a garage, a carport has no walls, except for the columns that support the roof up. Whilst it primarily acts as a shelter for your vehicle, it can likewise serve as a play area or an open shelter for a function.

Garage and Carport Combination

Do you still need a carport if you already have a garage? Whilst you may not exactly need it, a carport can be a great addition to your home. In fact, it may even increase the value of your property. You can use the carport as an extra shelter for other recreational purposes as well.


When planning to build carports in Sunshine Coast, it is best to consult a reliable contractor to get the right information. You need to learn about carport regulations and ensure compliance to avoid any fines or other penalties.

Other Planning Details

Once you understand the regulations, you need to determine what type of carport you want to build. You can have a skillion carport, a raised flyover carport, or a gable carport. The construction costs of these types of carports vary. Check your budget first to determine which type you can afford.

Building a carport is a good decision, as it offers many benefits. Go find a reliable contractor to build your carport at home today.

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