What You Need to Know When Designing Stairs

Man and woman designing stairs for the new house

Being hands-on during the home building process has many advantages. One of which is you know your preference and your comfort are prioritised. This is true even in the simple decision-making tasks, such as those that concern stair dimensions. Knowing what you want in terms of height, width, and total rise could make a difference in the actual output.

Your Opinion Matters

As the home-owner, you should not be afraid to air your side whenever something is being decided upon in the building process. Your contractor must be concerned enough to ask you as the work progresses if it is actually going as planned. They may be good at the technical concerns but as the home-owner, you are responsible for determining the level of comfort and convenience. Your opinion should matter even in the smallest things, such as stair dimensions.

To determine the right height, width, and total rise, you must consider the following factors:

  • The size of your home
  • Your home style
  • The building codes in your location

The actual height, width, tread, and rise of your stairs must fit the size of your home, its style, and the existing building codes in your area. If you are not familiar with those things, you can ask your builder so you can give your opinions. Your stairs company in Auckland would have the planning settled before it starts the construction. Make sure you are present when the plan is laid out. Ask every question you have in mind, especially if it concerns your comfort and convenience.

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To be truly at home in your newly constructed abode, it must be built properly. That’s in a sense that it promotes features that work for your preferred form and function, stairs included. Start with planning the best design and choosing the right materials.