Why It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Vinyl Floors

Man choosing the right flooring for his apartment

Resilient flooring has been gaining popularity in recent years and why not? Because of the advances in printing, vinyl flooring now comes in more water resistant and durable forms and luxury finishes. It’s likewise very DIY-friendly. If you’re still unsure if you should go with vinyl flooring, below are distinct benefits that might help you make a decision.

Vinyl is Versatile

Since it’s non-porous and scratch resistant, you could use in any room, even in wet zones like your bathroom, kitchen, as well as spaces that experience lots of foot traffic such as the family and living room. However, vinyl isn’t suitable for outdoor areas since it would warp when it’s exposed to extreme heat, says an experienced flooring installer from Amtico flooring suppliers. It’s also a chameleon, capable of mimicking the look of hardwood, natural stone, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile.

Vinyl is Very DIY-Friendly

Plenty of vinyl flooring options come in click and lock configurations that enable you to put the vinyl tile pieces together as you would a puzzle. Then there’s the peel and stick, and for more experienced DIY-ers, (with professional help recommended) glue down vinyl planks.

Vinyl is Water Resistant

In contrast to laminate and hardwood floors that are moisture absorbent, vinyl is completely non-porous, and even splashes and spills won’t warp it. Some vinyl flooring also offers 100% waterproof backing lie cork or plastic for added moisture protection. If your house is situated in the country or along the coast, you could also consider using vinyl in your entry or mudroom. It’s likewise capable of withstanding snow, rain, sand, and dirt.

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Vinyl is Simply Better for Your Feet

Although many people still consider hardwood and tile floors to be the top flooring choices, vinyl flooring has a distinct advantage over them; it’s very comfortable on your feet. People with joint issues could greatly benefit from vinyl floors, most particularly when doing work that requires standing for a significantly extended period, such as when cooking.

All in all, vinyl is low maintenance, pocket-friendly, very durable, and extremely versatile. It’s easy on sensitive joints and comes in various colours and styles. What more could you ask for?