“Winterrific” Ways to Keep Your Plumbing “Winter-Safe”

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Plumbing ServicesWinter can be a challenging time for anybody, whether they own a house or just renting. Those who do own houses would have to worry about their water pipes during the cold months. Here’s the basic shortlist for preparing your plumbing for winter.

Insulate Pipes – Frozen water is one of the causes of plumbing system problems. Not only will ice block the water supply, it can also cause damage to pipes since water expands when frozen. Prevent freezing or at least reduce its occurrence by insulating your outdoor and indoor plumbing systems. You can even hire a plumber in Salt Lake City to do it for you.

Fix Leaks – If leaking water freezes, it can make the hole bigger and can cause you more trouble when the water finally thaws. Before the winter season sets in, have your plumbing checked for leaks and have them fixed immediately. This assures you that, after winter is over, you won’t be suffering from sudden flooding in your house or a large water bill.

Drain What You Can – Remove water from pipes that you won’t likely use during winter, especially those outside your home, an expert from Whipple Service Champions advised. While you would still need water to use every day, there are activities where you can just bring water in a bucket instead of using a hose. Some of these activities include watering your plants, cleaning your car or scrubbing your home’s exterior.

Have a Plan for Going Out – If your family is constantly away during the holidays, there is a higher chance for your water to freeze because of none usage. If you’re leaving for a few days, drain all the water out from your pipes before you leave. You can also ask someone to stay over during your absence.

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With the mentioned preparation pointers, your pipes can survive winter with little to no problems. If in any case that the weather still causes some damage to it, call a plumber to have it fixed at once. Remember, plumbing problems should never be put aside whatever the season.