3 Lawn DIY Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Hand touching the grass

Every time you are trimming the grass at the yard, you are either making your lawn more decent, or hurting its overall shape and longevity. If you do the job with the right precision, you are likely to achieve excellent results.

Make a mistake or two, and it fades away leaving your place a common and bare ground. Below are lawn care practices that you can handle without a pro.

Don’t over-mow your grass

As you cut the grass, you must be careful not to cut it too short. If you are unsure of how to do it, it’s better to leave the job to reputable lawn and landscape companies. Remember short grass doesn’t just inhibit lawn growth but also allows weed and pest invasion.

But, when you keep it at a reasonable height, it doesn’t only enable patches to fill but also drives harmful pests out. This way, your lawn stays healthy and can survive for a long time to come.

Water the soil thoroughly

Your lawn requires a lot of water to help roots grow deep. This way, they acquire adequate water and nutrients for the grass to shoot up uniformly.

However, you must not water it so often, as this may deplete the soil of oxygen that is essential for the roots. Also, soaking the ground with water encourages diseases to attack your grass killing your lawn.

Feed it to compost manure

Your lawn also needs to be fed. Compost manure does the job best when the right amount is used. This can be in the form of kitchen wastes, plant wastes, and dry grass.

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When they are applied strategically at the base, thinly, and with great care, they provide the right nutrients that can transform your yard to a spectacularly green lawn.

A healthy lawn is easy to achieve, but only when the right maintenance practices are used. Remember, a little bit of commitment now saves you a lot of trouble in future because a healthy lawn is a drought, pests, and disease resistant.