3 Methods That Can Make Your Home a Miniature Hotel

Stylish HomeSophistication and style do not require buying a larger house. Besides, not everybody can afford to move to a more expensive residence. Fortunately, you can add a few touches to make your home show the richness, grandeur and impressive look of a hotel. Here's how:

Your Windows

Multi-layered curtains, thick draperies and classy blinds are always required for hotel rooms. If you find elegant curtains too costly and difficult to install, you can always choose the more stylish and modern window designs from bamboo shades or panel glide blinds suppliers.

Your Entryway

Every hotel requires an entryway that speaks style and class. Find elegant lighting fixtures, preferably with LED lamps to reduce your utility bill, and have them installed in strategic areas along your hall. If your space allows it, find a mini chandelier to hang from the rafters. Upgrade your flooring to marble, carpet or wood parquet. Add glass fixtures and decor to make your space look bigger and classier.

Your Bedroom

Even if your guests don't enter your bedroom, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't pamper yourself with a personal space that looks like a picture straight out of a hotel brochure. Buy larger and fluffier pillows with matching chic bed sheet sets. If you can't afford a new bed, buy or even make a luxurious-looking headboard with matching side tables and lamps instead. Finally, add plush rugs and flower arrangements all over the room for extra comfort and accents.

These upgrades and additions may cost you, but it's still not as expensive and troublesome as buying a new home. You can change a little at a time so your budget remains intact or save up until you can do all renovations in one go. When in doubt, consult an interior designer on your planned changes.

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