3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sprinkler System

a sprinkler

Sprinkler systems are essential in lawn care, and in growing plants in places that require frequent overhead irrigation. Often, your sprinkler will show signs that it is time to get repairs or a replacement. Understanding these signs is essential in preventing your lawn and plants from getting dry.

Utah Sprinkler shares the factors to look out for to determine whether you need to get a new sprinkler system:

Non-Functional Sprinkler​

Do you often find yourself making multiple adjustments to the sprinkler system for it to be operational? If your sprinkler never works without your intervention, the chances are that it has approached the end of its service life; you need a new one.

Spiking Water Bills​

When you experience an increase in your water bill, and you have not increased your water usage in your home, it is likely that your sprinkler system is using more water than usual. A possible cause is the presence of leaks in the sprinkler head or the supply pipes.

A Worn-Out Sprinkler​

When did you last purchase new sprinklers? If you cannot remember, your sprinkler system is most likely old and requires a replacement. The older a sprinkler system is, the less effective it will be. With the use of advanced technology, newer sprinkler systems offer high efficiency in optimizing water usage. So if you get one, you will get to minimize water wastage in your household.

You now know if it is time to get a new sprinkler system. However, always consult with a professional in sprinkler systems to help you determine whether you need to get an exact sprinkler as the one you had, or you should get an upgrade. You can also opt for sprinkler system repairs.

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