3 Sprinkler Head Types f+For Residential Use

Pop-up sprinkler head

Are you looking to have new sprinklers installed to save more water? Perhaps you just started farming and are wondering what direction to take.

When it comes to irrigation, the type of sprinklers you choose will be influenced by the size of your land, the layout and design, and how much you need to spend, among other factors.

Many sprinkler installation service providers in Salt Lake City will give you recommendations on what to buy. But without knowing the types that are available for you, you are prone to making mistakes. Note that each type of sprinkler head comes with its set of pros and cons.

Pop-up sprinkler heads

Perhaps the most used type, pop-ups are ideal for small commercial or residential use. When looking to buy a pop-up sprinkler, you will find one of two kinds; rotating heads or still sprays. The design of both will provide a constant water stream through the nozzle. Each nozzle is designed differently, to give off a different spray pattern and distribute water to various landscape designs. Pop-up sprinkler heads are easy to use and inexpensive.

Impact rotors

Impact rotors give off many water streams and distribute the water in an arc, between 40 to 360 degrees. Impact rotors are ideal for large landscapes. They are made to cover a large area of between 20 to 150 feet radius and are suitable for use in areas where pop-ups may be unsuitable. The arc is also adjustable. Since most of them are made of bronze, impact rotors are more expensive than pop-ups, but they can last longer.

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Gear-driven rotors

These are perfect for small commercial or large residential area systems. They have a low operational cost and versatility that the first two do not enjoy. They come in an enclosed body design that prevents clogging, and therefore they will require less maintenance. They are a better option than pop-up spray heads in sloppy landscapes because they are designed to increase water absorption.

Other factors such as water pressure, the area you want to water, and the design of the space must also be considered as you choose the type of sprinkler for your property. Be sure to hire professional service providers who are not only willing to do the job but are also willing to give advice specific to your needs. It is better to spend more and have a longer lasting system than to short-circuit the process and regret later.