3 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

A teddy bear on top of a comfortable bed

With today’s obsession with health and good living, it’s surprising that many people ignore the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep has proven to be effective in repairing damage to the body. Unfortunately, not that many people are aware of the proper sleeping habits that they need.

From freeing yourself from digital bindings to using a silk comforter, here are three tips to ensure that you sleep soundly at night.

Be comfortable

One key to a good night’s rest is to be comfortable all around. Get a bed that’s comfortable on your back—memory foam works—with pillows to match. Pair that with a soft, silk comforter, and not only do you keep yourself warm, but you also get a tactile comfort brought about by silk on skin, says Cozy Earth. This kind of comfortable setup ensures that you’re continuously in a state of relaxation, letting you sleep soundly for longer.

Take away distractions

While your gadgets might be invaluable to your day-to-day life and provide you with everything from news to entertainment, they can be responsible for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. That’s because the brightness of the screen tends to disrupt your brain as it struggles to get into a resting state. Even with a blue filter, there’s still a lot of distractions when you keep looking at your gadgets. That’s especially if you enjoy playing games or reading through different websites.

Do away with the snacks

Anytime you eat something, your body goes into action to digest your meal. This engages many systems that require you to be awake and active. Any kind of meal you have before sleeping—however small—will engage your digestive system, making it very difficult to drift off into a deeper sleep. It’s a safe bet to avoid for at least two to three hours before hitting the sack to ensure that your body itself is already starting to get rested.

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Follow these three tips, and you can be sure you’ll be refreshed the following morning.