3 Top Durable Materials for Your Stairs

white floating staircase

When building your own home, it’s important to make sure that all materials are high quality, durable, and sturdy. Besides, investing in good materials will come in handy later on. You won’t worry about value depreciation, wearing down, and premature damage.

One of the most important parts of a house is the staircase, and it deserves extra consideration. It’s the part that needs to be strong enough to hold people (and things). On the basis of versatility and design, choosing the right material is imperative to have for a staircase to last through the years.

1. Wooden Stairs

A famous and evergreen staircase material is wood. The elegance of wood staircases shows that they can match any interior design. You shouldn’t underestimate its strength and durability. It can withstand force, pressure, and wear and tear. Also, it’s suited for space-constrained interiors. One of the most popular materials is timber treads, which you can find in most shops.

2. Metal Stairs

While metal stairs are more expensive, they provide durability and strength that can withstand any force. In fact, you’re sure to have your stairs for decades to come. Furthermore, metal offers versatility in terms of design and styles. This material is perfect if you’re looking for that lightweight appearance and if you’re aiming for spiral stairs.

3. Concrete Stairs

There’s no denying that concrete is durable and sturdy. It also offers a contemporary look. The cost of concrete varies depending on the design. But, concrete will surely last for many years of use. Lastly, concrete is easy to install since there are prefabricated ones, which are more convenient.

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The stairs may be a small part of the house, but it offers many purposes. Therefore, investing in the best materials is important.