3 Ways You Might be Destroying Your Blinds

Outdoor Blinds in PerthWith curtains being too boring and slowly going out of style, new houses and renovations are using blinds. Since it now has moving parts, there are parameters, rules, and limitations to its usage. Unless these are followed, the average lifespan of the window covers would not even reach a single year.

In Perth or anywhere else, here are some of the common malpractices in using Ziptrack blinds.

Pulling One String at a Time

For the blinds to move, strings that are holding it must be pulled up or down. The wider the blinds, the more strings would be holding it. So if you have the tendency to pull one string after the other, then it would be a matter of time for it to finally break. The uneven distribution of weight is the main culprit to this tendency.

Sudden Burst of Force

Blinds utilise the idea of pulleys. As a result, most of the stress is concentrated in only one particular portion. Suddenly pulling the strings excessively increases the stress, damaging the structure of the blinds in the process. With the right amount of repetitions, the limit will eventually be reached resulting in its failure.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dust would eventually build up on the blinds and wiping would be a common approach. However, care must be practiced as any additional excess weight induced on its pulley system will compromise its structure. Whether it may be up and down or side-to-side strokes, it should be done at a gradual and slow pace.

Blinds are not easily destroyed, but anything that is being used beyond its limit will break down sooner than expected. For style and functionality, a little bit of care on usage is not something too hard to do. At the end, blinds for curtains is worth every penny of investment as they do not just look good, they also function.

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