4 Creative Ways in Decorating Your Walls

Wall Decoration

House decorating is fun. To some, it is relaxing, to some it is an opportunity to unleash some creativity. Nowadays, people can just take inspiration from anywhere, and anyone.

With supplies becoming more accessible, one does not need to be an interior designer to do the job. With the right skills, tools, supplies and decorative wood panels for walls, you can easily decorate your home. Starting with the walls, here are four creative ways to decorate your home.

1. Install an Appealing Photo Wall

Every family must have at least one framed picture. Why not make yours a statement piece? To add contrast to a plain white wall, hang your favourite black and white photos. Arrange them in stacks to create a shape – circle, rectangle or square. Easily, you can just print your photos, buy some frames and hang it by yourself.

2. Hang Your Hats

Instead of leaving your hats on the coat stand, why not make it a display piece? Get all your fedoras, trilbies, cloches and boaters, hang them on perfectly positioned wall hooks behind your sofa set. In an instant, you have a statement wall.

3. Score a Vintage Find

Sure, everyone would always appreciate a vintage piece. Search online, go to thrift shops and look for frames that have that vintage, nostalgic appeal. Want more impact? Look for an old store sign and install it on your homes.

4. Add Some Wall Appeal with Decorative Wood Panels

If you think you have too much art in our house, why not try investing in wall panels? Some come in a grid pattern that you can install on your walls to have an extra appeal. Want a contrast? You may opt to paint with a rich dark hue.

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Be Creative

In home decorating, the options are limitless. Just be creative not just in the design but also on the supplies that you will use.