4 Elements of a Good Baby Shower

Pregnant woman eating and ready for her baby shower

Just like bachelor and bachelorette parties, baby showers have basic elements you need to make it a successful one. If you’re planning to have one for you or a friend, here are some of the elements of a good baby shower that you need to remember.

Instagram-Worthy Decor

Like all parties, it’s great to have a theme in mind to make the decor planning easier. For male babies, the safest and favorite color to use is baby blue or powder blue. For female babies, the most preferred one is baby pink or salmon pink. But it’s always up to you if you have other color schemes in mind. Since pink and blue are the most popular baby theme colors, you’ll find that most of the party decors come in these colors. Many people love to use balloons, DIY crepe flower balls, DIY crepe paper lanterns, and lots and lots of floral. The buffet table is often the focus of all the decorations so focus your creative shots there.

Cute Desserts

Pregnancy is the time in some women’s life that they don’t have to be too conscious about their figure. And one of the best things about attending a baby shower is having to enjoy an assortment of lovely desserts. One of the most popular desserts served during baby showers is themed cupcakes. There are baby shower cupcake wrappers that you can get to ensure that the sweets are in line with the theme.

Silly Games

Just like bachelorette parties, one of the fun things you can do during baby showers is to have some silly games. It can be a great icebreaker during this adult party. One of the simplest games you can throw is the “Guess The Baby’s Name” game. Another crowd favorite is the “Drink Up, Baby” Game where you ask friends to finish a small baby bottle filled with orange juice, even beer!

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Have Fun, Parents-To-Be!

A baby shower is a fun event to have before the baby arrives and a good way to get some free baby items as gifts too! So make sure to give it some thought so you all can have fun before you bundle of joy arrives!