4 Fencing Options for Commercial Establishments

Wooden fence

Property owners and businesses have a wide range of selections in commercial fencing today. The choices usually depend on a variety of factors, such as the aesthetic value and the level of security required.

For example, a prime consideration for a neighborhood fence could be to enhance curb appeal, while security is a priority for manufacturing facilities to prevent theft. Here are the most common types available today:

1. Aluminum ornamental fences

Commercial aluminum fence panels come in a number of styles, and GreatFence.com agrees that they are durable and sophisticated. They emulate the look of iron, and you can get them at a more affordable price. Apart from those benefits, these panels do not require heavy maintenance, and they have extreme weather resistance.

2. Wooden fences

These are usually associated with residential properties, but they also do well in commercial establishments. The most common types of wood used are cedar and pressure-treated, both of which resist the elements and offer privacy. Furthermore, these are very easy to maintain.

3. Farm fencing

If you’re dealing with livestock and want to keep it inside the confines of your property, consider installing some quality farm fencing. Simple rail systems are good for larger stock, but woven wire mesh is enough for commercial poultry farms that raise turkeys and chickens.

4. Solid tongue and groove fences of vinyl

This type is primarily built for privacy, although it does offer a degree of noise control. It is extremely popular among building contractors who build fences around subdivisions. Solid tongue and groove fences are weather-resistant and rot-proof.

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These are only the most common types of commercial fencing. There are a lot of other options if you have more specific requirements. You are sure to get the right fencing that is appropriate for the type of security, aesthetic, and degree of maintenance you are comfortable with.