4 Things You Should Know About Your First Home’s HVAC System

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Doing a little homework when buying your first home can help clear confusion and prevent buyer’s remorse. As you do your homework, remember to check your prospective house’s heating and air conditioning system. Here are four things you must consider when looking at a new home’s HVAC system:

The Units

Begin by performing a spot-inspection of the HVAC units in the home. Rust, water marks and loud and strange noises can be symptoms of an old system. Ask for the system’s maintenance records and note any technician’s comments about the system. Energy.gov recommends replacing a heat pump or air conditioner that is more than 10 years old and a furnace or boiler which is more than 15 years old. Consider the cost of replacing any old unit and discuss your options with your realtor.


Examine the visible ducts running through the basement, attic, crawlspace, garage as well as the ducts that run into the HVAC unit. Look out for ductwork that appears rusted, improperly sized, leaky, loosely connected or just old. If the house you want has ductwork issues, an air duct cleaning service in Minnesota can help to improve the ductwork’s efficiency.


Ask your realtor about your prospective home’s insulation. Also, check the temperature in various rooms in the house. Drafts from outside and rooms that are too cold or too hot are indications of insulation problems. If the house has insulation issues, consider the cost of insulating the uninsulated areas and negotiate wisely.

Air Leaks

Air leaks lead to loss of conditioned air, and this leads to unduly huge utility bills. If you’ve found a home you like, inspect the seals around the house’s doors and windows to ensure they seal tightly.

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Typically, renters don’t have to worry much about HVAC systems. They usually just need to let in the HVAC technician or air duct cleaning professional in Minnesota as need arises. Accordingly, newbie homeowners often forget to consider a house’s HVAC equipment when making home purchasing decisions. If you’re transitioning from a renter to an owner, take the time to know your prospective new home. Make smart decisions about the home’s HVAC system to avoid hidden costs and increase your comfort in your new home.