5 Steps to a Safer Fireplace

a classic fireplace

Winter is in full blow this January, which means that you’re probably huddled by the fireplace in your living room. Having a fireplace can bring you feelings of accomplishment as a homeowner because not everyone owns a fireplace in their homes. Before you swell with pride though, ask yourself this: are you maintaining your fireplace properly? Here are five ways to make sure you’re taking care of it.

Seek expert service

If your fireplace needs repairs, do not attempt to do it yourself. You will only end up hurting yourself or damaging the fireplace further. Be it in LA or Salt Lake City, hire gas fireplace installation experts like Comfort Solutions to help you with the fireplace.

Check for compliance

That’s right, check your fireplace if it’s up to current standards before anything else. See if it’s compliant with the country’s standard for pollution emission. You don’t want a fireplace that spews too much dirt nor one that’s outdated and potentially harmful.

Burn it right

Don’t just burn any material for your fireplace. It’s recommended that you use dry and seasoned wood because burning moist wood, painted wood, or coal will surely give off unpleasant emissions. Burn wood right by using not just one, but many logs.

Clean it properly

Use the kind of cleaning chemical that’s right for your fireplace, instead of compromising it with harsh chemicals. This is to avoid damage or discoloration to your fireplace. Use scrubbing brushes when cleaning off soot, ash, and other dirt in the fireplace.

Don’t sweep it hot

You may be tempted to clean ashes from your fireplace if it just recently burned up some logs, but this can be dangerous. If the ashes are still hot and they’re swept away, they might land on flammable furniture and cause a fire. Don’t risk this.

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