5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before Your Move Day

Imagine you’re in the process of unpacking your last box when you suddenly realized you forgot the spare keys that you left with your previous neighbor in a different city or worse, a different state.

There are many things you can forget throughout the moving process because there are just so many things to keep track of. Most moving companies in Corona, CA will agree that transferring your things from one home to another can be a lot of work. Sometimes, even if you have a list, you’re still bound to miss something. Here are some things most people forget to bring or do before the day of their move:

1. Clean Up One Last Time

Be considerate enough to leave your old home clean for its next inhabitants. Surely, you don’t want to move into a home that still has trash in its bins or crumpled up packing material scattered on the floor. It’s going to be the last time you’ll be cleaning the place anyway.

2. Your Personal Records

Marriage contracts, birth certificates, and business papers. Everyone has their own collection of personal records stashed away in an envelope somewhere. Make sure these are organized and labeled for you to remember where they are. You’ll never know when a mover, your broker, or a company you’re changing your address with will ask for this information.

3. Update Your Contact Information

Call the bank or any other membership or subscription that has your physical address on file weeks before your move date. This way, you won’t have to deal with late payments or not receiving monthly subscriptions on time.

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4. Check Your Hidden Valuables

Do you have a secret hiding place for your spare keys or a secret compartment in your bedroom for emergency cash or jewelry? You don’t want to risk having someone else find these. Keep this at the top of your list.

It’s understandable that things can get hectic when you’re moving. The key is to get enough rest for each day you have to pack, move, and attend to everything that has to do with making this change in your life. Remember that you’re already on the homestretch of moving. Just a little more effort and you can soon sit back, raise your feet, and settle into your new living space.