A Comparison of Concrete, Vinyl Liner, and Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installations

Swimming pool being installed

When you want a pool, you have three choices: concrete, vinyl liner and fibreglass. Concrete pools offer flexibility in design. Vinyl, on the other hand, is affordable, compatible with any pool shape, and low-maintenance and then there are fibreglass pools, these are quick to install because they are pre-made, although the pool experts at Guardian Industries say it’s still possible for customers to provide their input on fibreglass pool designs.

While they require the same ground preparation work, installing each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Below is an overview of each pool type’s installation process.

Fibreglass Pool Installation

After yard excavation and levelling, installers deliver the fibreglass pool on-site and lower the pool shell into position. The plumbing work, pump and filter, lights, electrics are all installed.

Once the professionals finish attaching the pipes and equipment, it’s time for the installers will then move on to the backfilling (filling the gap between around the pool shell with sand) and water filling phase.

They will do both simultaneously to secure the base and check if the pool is level. This process will generally take 1-5 days to complete.

Concrete Pool Installation

For concrete pool installation, the levelling process happens simultaneously with the excavation work, and installers may use manual or machine levellers to make the soil even and firm. After securing the plumbing, shape and depth of the pool, they will install steel frames on the walls and floor. The installers will finish it off by pouring or spraying on the concrete. The concrete walls and floor must be smooth and even for the final finish, which could be either paint, plaster or tile.

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Concrete pool installation generally takes 3-6 months for completion.

Vinyl Liner Pool Installation

Vinyl pools have a similar installation process with concrete pools, except that installers use vinyl liners to finish the interior basin. Some companies also use prefabricated wall panels instead of spraying concrete on-site.

The final stage of most pool installations is the laying of pool pavers. Some Pool companies include this service in their installation packages. Once done, you can immediately start enjoying your pool.