A Few Tips on Choosing a Fence

When installing a fence, people think that the selection of the right type of material is a simple, straightforward affair. But, as residential fence installation professionals would point out, different fence types are appropriate for a range of specific purposes. This includes, among many others, the need for creating privacy, blocking chilly winds, securing an area such as the pool, keeping wild animals out, and keeping pets in. Whatever the reason for installing a fence, there is a particular type of fencing material and construction for each application.

Enclosing a Small Garden

Suppose you have a small garden and you’d like to keep it secure. Separation is your first line of defense. Creating a division between the garden space and its surroundings is important. Before choosing a fence, however, it’s important to know what the main goal for fencing it off is. If you would like to create a secluded green space, then a fence with little to no gaps between boards is an excellent choice.

Perhaps you’d like your neighbors to take a peek at what you’re doing with your garden. Boundary fencing is great for this need. It acts not entirely as a barrier, but as a separator. It also makes the area you are fencing in feel more spacious.

Ease of Access with Privacy

For homeowners who like to keep their areas easily accessible, they can go gateless. There are fencing options which don’t necessarily focus on security, but rather on a semblance of privacy and ease-of-access. Going gateless allows room for a pathway, yet also blocks off the area. This type of fence likewise involves little to no spacing between the planks, but without a gate. Most of the time, these types of fences are also tall.

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Which Fencing Material to Choose?

Fences come in a wide variety of materials. There are wooden options, which are prized for their longevity (depending, of course, on the quality and treatment of the wood) and ease-of-maintenance. Wooden fences are also good in terms of adding warmth and rustic character to any space. With the right finish and maintenance, a wooden fence can serve excellently while being affordable and light.

But when it comes to long-term durability, however, perhaps nothing else beats metal. Almost all fences of this type are strong enough to weather any type of situation.