A House’s Door is the Door to its Owner’s Personality

Exterior Wooden Door

Exterior Wooden Doors“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” – Coco Chanel.

As the passageway into your home, a door lets another person through, allowing a peek into your private space. As much as a home reflects your personality, an outsider can only know so much about you through the façade of your house. The exterior walls of a house may be obvious to the naked eye as the establishing design piece of a home, but Uber Doors emphasizes that the exterior door is what “brings the entire look together” — it’s your personality up for grabs.

Color and Style Says Something about You

About 48% of Better Homes and Gardens readers say their front doors are in colors other than white or black. These homeowners prefer to paint or have stylized doors instead of having a simple wood finish. Designers are using a variety of unusual palettes for front doors to satisfy the styling needs of homeowners.

Jill Waage, executive director of Better Homes and Gardens, notes that many homeowners prefer to have their doors stand out from the walls, trim, or shutters. “This speaks to the personalization that people are doing all over their homes right now”, she says.

Here’s a list of the basic psychology of colors and what your door color might communicate to others:

  • Red displays an action-oriented personality with a need for physical fulfillment.
  • Orange reflects a social personality that welcomes life’s challenges.
  • Yellow announces the need for logic in one’s everyday life to inspire and create ideas.
  • Green denotes the need for safety, security, acceptance, and acknowledgment.
  • Blue is a display of wanting inner peace and absolute truth, to live life according to one’s ideals and beliefs.
  • Indigo dictates the need for harmony, spirituality, and oneness with the universe.
  • Violet shows how a person needs emotional security, and discovering life’s perfections in aspects of spirituality and humanitarian actions.
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Exterior Door Styles
  • Arched tops give a home an inviting appeal.
  • Craftsman exteriors complement the look of modern homes, but also bring out the charm of classic designs. It gives a dominating look with its hard lines and corners, but epitomizes the concept of simplicity.
  • Lighted exteriors exhibit a simple design.
  • Seamless integration of glass panels allows nature to bring out the beauty of a home’s landscaping.
  • French exteriors feature a natural and rustic look that gives off an open concept feel.
  • Mediterranean style gives homes that Old World feel that fits well with modern designs.
  • Rustic exteriors have that classic appeal ideal for introducing lawns and fences.
  • Square tops define precision with its lines, making perfection a lasting impression.
  • Commercial steel displays hardened security and says nothing else but business.

Given all the colors and styles available for a homeowner’s door, be sure of the personality you want to show the world.