A Primer on Interior Design: The Most Popular Styles

Interior Design in OxnardStyle preferences are different for each person. Some people may like traditional over modern interior design while others mix and match or even experiment with different styles for each area of their home.

But for beginners, all these can be foreign to them, especially when they visit furniture shops and they encounter various types and styles of furniture. How could they possibly know what fits the overall look of their home? Here’s a guide on the most popular interior design styles.


This design term encompasses simplicity in every element. From the color palette, the materials, to the furniture, this style is sleek without the need for accessories.

What characterizes this design is its use of neutral colors, polished surfaces, and geometric, as well as asymmetrical, shapes. This is great for small places because it gives the illusion of larger spaces.


Contemporary and modern are usually interchanged, but these are two different design types. This style often borrows from different design styles and incorporates all of them, which makes it eclectic in a way. Most of the time, this refers to what is popular – it represents a sense of currency.


Often rustic, this style emphasizes the use of exposed structural steel with wooden elements – sometimes complemented by brick walls. In a way, it embraces flaws – an authentic, unpolished interior gives it character. Most of the time, designers or homeowners use this style for open floor plans.


Taking its roots from European sensibilities, the traditional design often features rich color palettes, a variety of textures, and abundance of accessories. More often than not, it uses muted patterns and curved lines.


Inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design, this revolves around the concept of “less is more.” The empty spaces left in minimalist interiors make a statement and it often uses black and white as its primary colors.

Whether you’re redecorating or designing a new house, there’s a variety of design styles to choose from. From traditional to modern, you can experiment or focus on a specific one – or even change it up for every room in your home.