A Pro’s Thoughts on Grout and Tile Cleaning

Grout and Tile Cleaning

Grout and Tile CleaningDespite your regular floor cleaning, stains tend to accumulate and become difficult to scrub. Tough stains need special tools and detergents to remove. Professional grout and tile cleaners offer excellent results with little effort and cost. This is why if you can, you should hire a professional cleaning service instead of doing it yourself.

Miraclesealants.com.au has a few DIY suggestions below for the enterprising individual.

Cleaning Stubborn Grout Stains

Tile grout stains are perhaps the worst type of stain on your tile. It makes your tiles look dirty and untidy. To clean your tile and grout, use an alkaline agent, brush the floor and wipe with a soft towel and leave it for a while; when it completely dries, it will go back to its normal colour. A colour sealant can be used to give your grout a whole new look.


The cleaning process involves sanitization of the sealed are such as bathroom, counter, and kitchen. Sanitization prevents the growth of mould and bacteria which may cause a health risk to your family or office staff.

Bleach Products

Chlorine bleach and oxygen bleaching agents are known for their excellent grout cleaning capabilities. However, you should be cautious not to use them on coloured floors or tiles since they may discolour them or remove their natural colour completely.

Grout Sealing

A good penetrating sealer will leave your grout clean for longer and prevent accumulation of more stains. The sealer is sprayed on your tile or grout to form an invisible natural barrier to water, oil and stains.

Commercial Grout and Tile Cleaning

Corridors and reception rooms in commercial areas experience high human traffic. Therefore, it is obvious that the floor will wear out faster those other areas of the office. In this case, seek expert service to scrub the floors and seal them up. A clean floor will attract more customers and clients to your offices.

Proper equipment and cleaning chemicals remove tough stains in a single sweep. Save the unnecessary expenses you may incur on renovations of your grout or tile and invest instead on the proper agents for cleaning.