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Who We Are

Project-Catalyst.Info first started out as a team of like-minded people who all shared a passion for home improvement and gardening. Eventually, we became more interested in sharing our thoughts about improving the look of our gardens and homes with others with the same amount of passion. We started writing articles that focus on helping people like us; people like you – aspiring gardeners and weekend warriors who want to learn more about their hobby and make the most of their passion.

Whether you’re looking for renovation advice or home gardening tips, we publish articles that will help you in your everyday life.

What We Believe In

Most people think home improvement and gardening are simple and easy things to do. We know that not everyone has a green thumb or has the skill to instantly turn a drab room into something immediately livable.

Whether you’re working on a garden patch or thinking of the next home improvement project, we publish content that will help you overcome the challenges you might face when it comes to gardening and home improvement. We strive to make sure all of our tips and life hacks have practical uses and will help you carry out your hobby or profession easier.

Everyone aspires to improve the look of his house and create a beautiful garden, and it isn’t always about aesthetics. It’s also about making you feel right at home. At Project-Catalyst.Info, we publish articles that discuss everything about home improvement and gardening – from designing and improving your living room to planting the best kind of plants and flowers in your garden.