Adding Character to Your Home in 4 Ways

Amazing living room with fireplace

Your home is the one place in the world where you feel you truly belong. It’s where you make memories with your family, entertain friends, find peace and relaxation, and generally just live your life. Many homeowners devote a huge portion of their time and money making their house achieves that lived-in look. After all, don’t you want your place to have character? Here are a few ways to achieve that.

Let the light in

The right combination of natural and artificial lighting takes time, practice, and knowledge to achieve. Let lots of natural light come in with bigger windows. Think about replacing smaller, boring windows with bay windows — particularly where there is limited space like the kitchen. The dramatic addition will give your place more light and an airy feel.

Install a real fireplace recommends looking for a professional company that installs fireplaces. A real fireplace gives that warm feel, especially during winter when it gets colder, you would expect from a log cabin. It’s an instant conversation piece with the beauty and comfort it adds to your home.

Give areas a purpose

There are areas at home that serve no real purpose, making them awkward and seemingly a waste of space. Put them to good use. For example, those huge bay windows may be your new reading nooks with a few cushions. The area under the stairs can be your game console area. That space above your bedroom door might be the right place for a bookshelf.

Use open shelving in the kitchen

Having issues with a tiny kitchen? Try open shelving instead of closed cupboards. Cooking implements and spice jars can be the decor. Those open shelves will also make your kitchen look bigger than it is. Make sure to use the space above, like adding a wallpaper. When design drives the eyes upward, it gives the feeling of open space.

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There are plenty of ways to give your house more character. Try these suggestions and see how they transform your home.