Adding Style to Your Home: Different Types of Shutters

Types of ShuttersAre you thinking of replacing your faded curtains? Unlike curtains that wear and tear, shutters are good replacements because they can last for decades. To give your home style and privacy, one good option is to use outdoor or indoor shutters. Perth has various shops that sell different kinds of window treatments for all your needs.

To help you pick the right one, Action Awnings lists the different types of shutters.

Raised Panel

These decorative shutters combined with a window box create a country garden feel. For a dramatic contrast, choose a rich dark colour to match the window frame and the cascading flowers.

Shaker Style

These interior shutters have flat panels that block sunlight and protect a home against an unpleasant weather. This type is plain and simple.


Louvered window shutters have overlapping uniform slats set in a frame. You can have it stained for a natural look, or you may choose a bold colour to set them off. Just make sure that it’s in harmony with the primary colour of your home.


These functional exterior shutters have wide louvers that can easily be shut or opened depending on the weather. Plantation shutters are a good choice if you want a nostalgic laidback look for your home.

Board and Batten

These exterior shutters are made by putting individual boards and battens together. They come in different styles like arch-top, square, joined, or spaced. You can pair them with wooden window boxes. The arch-style looks charming in curved windows.


With this shutter, you can make your own design using your creative imagination.The common choices for this style are geometric shapes, stars, and ships.


This type of shutter is a mix of two or more shutter styles. Homeowners who want a unique look choose this style.

Shutters are not just simple additions to your home. They can make your household stylish and elegant. Just make sure to purchase them from trusted dealers to get your money’s worth.

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