Air Conditioner Care – Things to do before opting for repairs

Man fixing the air conditioner

Air conditioners are part of everyday life. When it stops working, part of life stops too.

Some homeowners or business owners immediately panic when the AC fails. Some choose to remedy the problem by themselves; they scroll the Internet for some DIY AC care tips. A few personal tricks should help your unit survive while you wait for professionals. Here are some things you can do before you call a local AC repair expert in Salt Lake City:

Checking circuit breakers

If the unit doesn’t turn on, your circuit breaker may have tripped. It happens when a lot of appliances are used on a breaker-controlled line. Check this out first and see if you can remedy it; if not, wait for the professionals to do so.


No one likes a too cold/too hot home or office This is a small unit but can cause problems, especially if batteries run out or the temperature setting is too low. Tinker around with the thermostat first and determine the cause.


A number of AC unit problems stem from filters, which catch most of the unit’s dirt. A filthy and clogged filter can put strain on the unit; the worse cases often require a new unit.

Removing ice

If the pan under the unit is not cleaned regularly, it can cause problems. If the coils get iced up, the same problem occurs – it compromises the AC’s function.  Turn the unit off for a while and clean up to ensure proper functioning.

Cleaning up the unit

If you want your home or business cooled properly, it is important to get the unit cleaned regularly. Some professionals offer cleaning services for business or home-owners who have no time. They can clean up the fan blades and grease parts to help the unit function better. Since they are familiar with the fan blades and condenser fins, professionals clean them easily and do a check.

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Once you’ve done these steps, call an expert immediately. DIY is helpful but some things require the hand of licensed professional. Well-maintained AC units are helpful all-year round; improve home or office comfort by getting yours fixed ASAP.