An Overview of Greenhouse Ventilation Methods

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There are various greenhouse ventilation methods available today, and you may choose to install one type or a combination of several types. The type that you select majorly depends on the crops that you wish to grow and your local climate.

Modern greenhouse manufacturers have come up with various types of greenhouses and accompanying ventilation systems to suit your needs. This article talks about different ventilation methods.

Natural Ventilation

While it is the most economical option, natural ventilation might not be sufficient for your greenhouse if you reside in hot areas. It works by allowing warmer air to escape through vents, keeping the air at low temperatures. For natural ventilation to function appropriately, go for tall or open-roof greenhouses since they will have sufficient space for hot air. They also save irrigation and energy costs.

Mechanical Ventilation

This ventilation type incorporates fans, which act as excellent complements to natural greenhouse ventilation. For you to maximize energy efficiency and effectiveness, consider the actual size of the greenhouse and match it with a suitable system. It is essential to use a thermostat to help you monitor the temperature changes. This should be placed at a plant height for accurate readings.

Evaporative Cooling

This type comes in two systems: fog-mist systems and fan-and-pad systems. The latter is more popular and functions by sucking air via wet pads that in turn cools the environment. For maximum efficiency, 20 square feet of the ground area requires at least one square foot of pad. It is recommended that you use water that has low mineral content since it is unlikely to coat or clog the pads, thus promoting efficiency.

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Modern ventilation systems play a huge role in the attempt of recreating nature indoors. Similar to how the natural wind revitalizes, strengthens, and nourishes plants in the outdoors, artificial greenhouse ventilation does the same to give your plants an environment for growth.