Backovers: Avoiding Driveway Accidents Involving Children


GatesAutomobile accidents can be fatal. A research by Monash University revealed that backover or rear-impact collisions are on the rise. In fact, about 1,738 incidents took place in the past 10 years in NSW alone. Many of these caused injuries that led to hospital treatment, while some resulted in fatalities.

These incidents don’t only happen on the road; they can happen within the vicinity of your property. Children lack awareness of the dangers of playing at the rear area of any vehicle. As vehicles have blind spots, you may not be able to see them while backing up in the driveway. Here are some ways you can keep kids safe from harm:

Install a Driveway Gate in Your Property

Install a gate to keep your children away from the driveway. Make sure that the lock is high, so they won’t play with it. If you’re the type who often forgets to lock the gate, you can install motorised gates for additional security. Look for well-established companies that supply and install gates, fencing and shutters in Perth or any city you live to get them in good quality.

Check and Get Help before Driving

Don’t simply get in your car and drive. Be responsible and check your surroundings. Even if you’re in a hurry, you shouldn’t skip this process. If ever you’re having difficulties convincing your child to stay away, you can ask a family member to hold them while you exit or ender the driveway.

Install a Backup Camera to Your Car

If your vehicle didn’t come with a factory-installed rear view camera, then look for businesses offering them. Backup cameras are popular nowadays, as they help reduce blind spots. Make sure to install cameras that allow you to see even below the height of the bumper. After all, you wouldn’t know if they’re crouching down or are sitting on the floor of your driveway.

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Make an effort to avoid all the possible risks of a rear-impact collision. Be a responsible vehicle owner, so your children are safer.