Bed Bugs from Your Travels: New Research and Preventive Measures

Bed bugs have begun to terrorize people again these days. Reading the words “bed bugs” may even intimidate you already. You can easily deal with such parasites, however, with the help of bed bugs experts in Salt Lake City such as A1 Exterminators.

Little Insect Vampires

Bed bugs live on the blood of animals and humans like tiny, hungry vampires. They used to be in mattresses, bed frames, pillows, headboards, and other parts of beds. Now, however, new research shows that bed bugs can be found in dirty laundry too.

New Research

The research came from a team of the University of Sheffield. They conducted an experiment using tote bags, each having clean and dirty clothing. After the experiment, the team concluded that dirty clothing in bags attracts bed bugs twice as likely clean clothing in bags.

The research further shows that dirty clothing of travelers is particularly attractive to bed bugs. As a result, you may be inviting bed bugs if you have used clothing lying around in your hotel room. You may even bring the bed bugs home with you.

Preventive and Responsive Measures

To prevent any infestation of bed bugs in your home, you can set up a system that keeps worn clothing in a hamper or secluded area of the house. You also have to wash often to prevent the bed bugs from ever reaching your dirty clothes.

When you have a family, you have to teach the rest of your loved ones to adhere to the system. Other preventive measures include lugging dirty laundry in a sealable bag when you travel. In this way, your travels will be bedbug-free. You also have to wash and change your sheets frequently.

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In case bed bugs do infest your home, pest control specialists in Salt Lake City can easily control them.

Bed bugs will appear less threatening or annoying now that you know how to keep them away and how to get rid of them if they do appear in your home.