Beyond Just the Dream Home: The Why’s and How’s of Forever Homes

Couple in front of a New Modern House

The phrase “dream house” conjures images of custom trims and fantasy amenities. You think about sitting in a sun-drenched room with a cup of coffee in hand and a croissant, a fun lunch on a long kitchen table, and a house party with laughter spilling out from the glass doors into a beautiful garden.

But smart homeowners also think of a home they can live in forever — from having two people in the house and then having a young family, to midlife and the golden years.

The Art of Universal Design

To build a “forever” home, consider universal design. Also called lifespan design, universal design is mapping and drafting products and environments useful for most people, regardless of their level of ability (or disability).

From baths and entryways to bedrooms and kitchens, not only do the design elements increase the value of a home, but also helps you prepare for major milestones in life.

Applying Universal Design to Your Forever Home

Work with a reputable home builder and always go for function over aesthetics when designing your forever home. Hamlet Homes suggests thinking about function first, and then determining how to make the pieces fit your style. Place handrails, for instance, which can support frail adults, sick children, or simply anyone carrying heavy loads.

Make sure that the design of your forever home does not stigmatize any one group; consider mobility issues for older guests or members of the family, and add ramps.

Meanwhile, the movements of children are usually the biggest challenge of building a forever home. Therefore, ensure that you can divide and connect the rooms.

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Select a versatile room on the ground floor as well. This room can start as a home office or a playroom if you’re expecting children — whatever you need right now. Later, this can become an accessible bedroom suite.

Homeowners often talk about finding a dream home, a home that’s so perfect that they never want to move again. Perhaps it’s time that you find a forever home, too.