Building with Bricks: Durability in Home Construction

Bricks used for building

When it comes to home construction, bricks have been in use all cultures around the world. There are many different types of bricks available for different construction purposes. Most new bricks for sale are made using shale and clay. The mixture is typically kiln-fired to produce different categories of bricks.

Some of the more common bricks used in the building and construction industry are the following:

1. Face bricks are durable but aesthetically pleasing.

2. Common bricks are durable, but may not be appealing to the eye. They are often used for underground construction.

3. Paving bricks are used to line a walkway or roadway.

4. Fire bricks are used to build walls of furnaces and kilns. They are capable of withstanding high temperature and harsh conditions. A variety of chemicals are used to manufacture fire bricks, including silicon metal, sodium silicates, sodium metasilicates, lithium salts and phosphates.

Brick Facts You May Not Know

1. Barium Carbonate Controls Efflorescence in Bricks

New wall construction could be subject to white, powdery buildup that is due to the presence of water-soluble salt deposits inside the construction work. Barium carbonate eliminates efflorescence by reacting with the soluble salts and locking them in place.

2. Chemical and Mineral Content Controls Brick Colour

Exposure to different chemical and mineral contents during the heating process is responsible for the varying colour of bricks. For instance, iron in the brick content converts to iron oxide during the heating process, causing the brick to turn red. Higher lime content in bricks causes them to turn yellow or white upon heating. After the heating process, face coatings are used to render other colours to bricks.

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Bricks have been a part of humanity’s creative methods to build durable shelters that would stand against the elements. When you want to build the house, consider the brickwork you need to build a home.